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CohBar, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on discovering mitochondrial-derived peptides and developing them into therapeutics, completed an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of 11,250,000 units at a price of $1.00 each

All units consist of one share of CohBar's common stock and one-half of one common stock purchase warrant. 

 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is one of a group of preventable, lifelong conditions (the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders) that may result from high alcohol use in pregnancy. It can cause low IQ, delays in development and problems with learning, academic achievement, behavior, motor function, speech and language and memory.

It is also characterized by abnormal facial features and poor growth, before or after birth. 

One in eight children born in 2002 or 2003 and living in remote Fitzroy Valley communities in Western Australia have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, finds the The Lililwan study published today in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Literature scholars love to debate Shakespeare. Like 'the greatest baseball player of all time' everyone can have an opinion and they are all just as valid, if even a modicum of thought went into it.(1) He was real, he was not real, he was a fraud, he was the greatest writer of all time, he was a woman, you name it and someone in the humanities has argued for it

He was Catholic? Catholics say so, at least after the fact, but that evidence is circumstantial, like everything else except his writing.
AirAsia 8501 - More Bodies Retrieved, More Data Released

Detik News reports that there was some difficulty in relocating the fuselage.  Sidescan sonar was used and the fuselage was discovered "a few centimeters" from the last reported coordinates.  This highlights the difficulties faced by the divers: quite apart from the strong currents, visibility is very poor due to silt and sand stirred up by the weather and currents. Furthermore: parts of the plane tend to get buried by sand and silt.
Let's be honest, review articles are popular because they are easier than studies. Studies can take months or years and require methodology, money and expertise. A review just means finding other papers and figuring out what the consensus is.

Want to prove acupuncture works and that organic food is superior? Do a review. And if you really want to promote an ideology, do an unweighted random-effects meta-analysis and make sure to include some outlier results.
In an interview of wealthy Norwegian business elites, mothers talked freely about their everyday lives - and why being wealthy enough to not have to work is important to many of them. 

Among the 13 families chronicled  by sociologist Helene Aarseth from the University of Oslo in Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning (Journal of Gender Research), nine of the women were full-time mothers or had a small part-time job which did not interfere with their ability to be home with the children when they returned from school. Prior to leaving the workplace, almost all the wealthy mothers had a prestigious education within law or economics.
I'm former nuclear weapons designer who tries to write fiction. I realized there's an inspiration to be gotten from these two activities pointing us to some conditions necessary for general AI. Stellar simulation codes frame stars inside well a reasonably defined universe (a volume of space) and evolve code physics using multiple clocks (hydrodynamics clock, faster neutronics clock, etc.) Many types of recursion to convergence occur. Watching myself writing fiction, I realized that I was the universe and my characters general AIs being "pushed" forward by multiple clocks not unlike a simulated star running in a massively parallel process machine.

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By Clive Brown, University of Leeds

After a very drawn out and fraught construction, the Philharmonie de Paris is finally open. The 2,400 seat concert hall was conceived with ambitious plans to democratize classical music, and is situated, in line with these aims, on the boundary between the city’s affluent center and its banlieues. Whether it will succeed in these ambitions remains to be seen.

They're suspected al-Shabaab militants – but probably not ivory traders. UN, CC BY-NC-SA

By Diogo Veríssimo, Georgia State University

It is often said that if something is repeated often enough, it becomes accepted as true. This has certainly been the case for the link between terrorism and the poaching of elephants for the ivory trade.

These semi-serious but mostly joking statements are based on my observations as a student and as a Adjunct Professor at community colleges.  Thinking about the initiative to give school through the associates degree for free brings this to mind. 

First a word from the President of the United States of America. 

For the technical almost outsourcing proof jobs he has in mind, STEM jobs that might not work out.