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Though women are 20 percent of full-time faculty in medical schools, they are not rising to senior leadership positions in similar numbers, a situation strikingly different from the corporate world, where women have choices about how high they want to rise.
It's Academy Awards time, which means the science community is aflame with debates about whether Hollywood elites are racist, sexist, bigoted or not liberal enough...okay, no one in science actually debates any of that the way Hollywood does, but we do get to think about how science did in film in 2014.

Science is big in culture these days - everyone loves it. You can't watch a blurb about a superhero movie where a character jumps out of a building and into a helicopter because the helicopter turns on its side without someone making the movie claiming they are grounded in science. 
Erith Industrial Unit Fire

A fire in Erith, U.K. at an industrial unit triggered over 50 emergency calls and was attended by 15 fire appliances and 97 firefighters.  The blaze appears to be at Allied Hygiene, manufacturers of various types of wet wipes.  The industrial unit, which was completely destroyed by the fire, is located at the junction of Yarnton Way and Centurion Way.  Although the fire was adjacent to two gas holders they appear to have posed no extra danger: gas holders are no longer part of the U.K.s National Gas Network.
Cities may not look like they once looked, but those of ancient times and today had a lot in common when it came to intangibles.

Despite notable differences in appearance and governance, ancient human settlements function in much the same way as modern cities, according to new findings by researchers at the Santa Fe Institute and the University of Colorado Boulder.

City planning says that as modern cities grow in population, so do their efficiencies and productivity. A city's population outpaces its development of urban infrastructure, for example, and its production of goods and services outpaces its population. What's more, these patterns exhibit mathematical regularity and predictability, a phenomenon called "urban scaling."
Norwegian women who choose to have children often say goodbye to their careers. Men, on the other hand, tarry on. Norway has, since the 1800s, come a long way towards a more egalitarian society, but when a child enters the relationship between a woman and a man the consequences for the woman are different to those for the man, according to the thesis of Eirin Pedersen at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at University of Oslo.

Before pressing to Numenta’s remarkable (and likely correct) approach to general AI at an IBM talk (YouTube video), let’s consider the question of how much you and I are already uploaded and super intelligent, and how it might feel like to upload. I proceed in three parts: 1. A quick review of how we're already partly uploaded and very smart; 2. An small, excerpted fictional narrative of a man and a woman uploading in the near term future; 3.

In a perfect world, job success would be a meritocracy, but academia does not really work that way, it has lots of social justice parameters and guidelines and quotas, both stated and implicit, and so once all that has been factored in, all things being equal, it's better to just play it safe and go with someone from a big-name school.

And so, we are left with kind of an 80/20 rule, the Pareto principle which posits that 20 percent of the causes for a given event are responsible for 80 percent of the outcomes.

Is Fifty Shades Of Grey porn, or not? © Universal Pictures

The imminent release of Fifty Shades of Grey has already provoked widespread protest, although the protesters have not actually seen it.

The Guardian recently proclaimed: “This is not a porn film.” But the American Family Association has asked cinemas not to show the movie. It has been banned in Malaysia for being “more pornography than a movie”.