I know the science may be good, but it's too hard not to make fun of these research conclusions - at least the out-of-context, oversimplified versions of these conclusions. Look at what we've learned through science today:

Facebook Users Get Worse Grades in College
  Yes, it really is harder to study while checking messages on your wall every five minutes.

Jail Time Increases Odds of Hypertension, Researchers Find Jail is stressful - who would've guessed?

When you see a mountain lion, run like hell! ...even though it can easily outrun you.

Junk Food Makes Kids Fatter, But Happier, Study Suggests Why do you think they call them Happy Meals? Junk food makes all kids happier, except mine, who will whine about everything.

Kids Curb Marital Satisfaction OK, just kidding; this one's not obvious. And I totally disagree with the conclusion!