Research shows that the large proportion of Jews in positions of power can be fully explained by the available data on human intelligence. Proper statistics completely explains that the 2% Jewish population in the US contributes roughly 30% to high achievement. This research is silenced by editors of scientific journals not allowing peer review. Proper science on intelligence and behavior is effectively forbidden. It is such a taboo that even if something is helpful against anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, the establishment rather lets anti-Semitism unopposed than admitting that intelligence is about 80% genetic or that Blacks have on average low intelligence.

I will publish here precisely what they want to silence. No more hiding science, distorting science to make it more acceptable while failing to address important issues such as violent crime. The last time, I disguised the main conclusion at the very end of the article. I am sorry to have succumbed to the fear that political correctness has instilled in all of us. To make up for it: Before discussing violent crime, here is the conclusion of the previous article as it should be presented in a “safe-space” for scientists:

Assuming an IQ of about 110 and up for university students (110 is already pretty low!), White men should naturally outnumber White women more than 5 to 3 (48.4% and 28.1%), Jews and East Asians should make up more than 12% of the student population, and Blacks must be less than 1.5%. Today’s huge over-representation of Black’s in the US university system is racist anti East-Asian and anti-Semitic discrimination!

Figure Caption: The probability density functions of intelligence for the US population, approximated by scaled Gaussians f = 10000 * p * exp[– (g – <g>)2/(2 Δ2)]/√(2 Δ2 π); where p is the ethnicity’s contribution to the overall population, and g is the general intelligence factor. The inset shows the standard deviations Δ versus the means <g>, the blue curve are White Caucasian Males (WCM), pink for White Caucasian Females (WCF), Blacks (B), Ashkenazim Jews (AJ), East-Asians (EA), and Hispanics (H) [adapted from Vongehr: “From Jewish IQ to Jewish Achievement: A Doubly Right Wing Tail Issue.” un-publishable (2015)]

The relevant input data were presented the last time. The distributions must be integrated over the relevant range of intelligence. The biased liberal may now scream that assuming such a range is unscientific racist sexism. The scientist instead realizes that you cannot, for example, simply integrate from 190 upwards in order to have the desired 30% of Jews in that range. Why? Because there are only about 30 people with such high intelligence in the total US population. That is obviously not enough to account for all university professors, CEOs, and so on. The full scientific treatment of these issues is more rigorous than can be presented here to an internet audience.

Integrating over values of intelligence starting with 110 or 130 and upwards is useful for estimating high achievement measures of Ashkenazim Jews or university attendance in countries that do not suffer from affirmative action racism and sexism. Integrating from about 85 downward corresponds to the typical intelligence values among incarcerated criminals, so that is what I have done below.

Violent behavior increases with testosterone levels. A simple model for estimating incarceration due to low IQ and violent tendencies is to multiply sub-populations by a factor that equals about 1.5 times their average testosterone level. Men have about seven to eight times the testosterone levels that women have. Taking this into account reproduces the observed incarceration rates, namely only about 9% of the incarcerated in the US are female.

Black males have on average 20% (adjusted 15%) higher serum testosterone [Ross, R.; Bernstein, L. et al.: 1986: Serum Testosterone Levels in Healthy Young Black and White Men. Journal Natl Cancer Inst. 76(1): 45-8 (1986)]. Taking this into account, integration over the population weighted intelligence values results in that 47% of the incarcerated population is expected to be Black (no fudging of numbers – straight result!). This result confirms the observed rates of crime and incarceration.

Blacks are responsible for more than 50% of violent crimes (rape, armed robbery, murder) although they are only 12% of the US population. Thus, Blacks are actually still somewhat underrepresented in US incarceration (only about 40%)! This is likely due to affirmative action in the criminal justice system. Blacks are for example often pressured into pleading to lesser charges (plea-bargain), usually drug offenses, because the justice system is overwhelmed by all the violent crime. Admitting to drug offenses gets them out of court fast and still also off the streets, at least temporarily.

The problem with anti-scientific nonsense such as affirmative action is that such messes up everything throughout. For example: How can you not be in favor of amnesty in case of minor drug offenses? Let the stoners out of jail! That sounds very good, until you realize what affirmative action has done. If you release non-violent drug offenders, a huge number of mislabeled, violent criminals will be let out onto the streets.

If you take home a hungry cat, please treat it like a cat. If you instead try to force it to behave like a parrot, please just better do not care at all! Somebody else may get the chance to care properly if you just leave it alone!

Nothing is more detrimental than refusing to care about those less fortunate properly and instead push them into situations they cannot handle. In order to help those with less intelligence, their lower intelligence cannot be denied. Racist affirmative action not only hurts most Blacks, but even the Blacks that have high intelligence. I can hardly imaging how terrible it must be as an intelligent, educated Black, having everybody expect that I got to where I am because of affirmative action.