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Rich Or Poor, Scammers Don't Cheat Because They Need The Money — They Cheat Because They're Cheaters

Why do people cheat? When we hear that a poor person scammed others out of money, we may attribute...

Human-Animal Hybrids Are Coming, To Grow Organs For Transplant - What Are The Implications?

Around the world thousands of people are on organ donor waiting lists. While some of those people...

Could Light And Noise From Earth Attract Alien Attention?

Since the first use of electric lamps in the 19th century, society hasn’t looked back. Homes...

Lyme Disease Is Not A Military Bioweapon

Could Lyme disease in the U.S. be the result of an accidental release from a secret bioweapons...

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Critical mass of editors could help solve the puzzle.Credit: bastique, CC BY-SA

By Mark Graham, University of Oxford

Eyes – windows on the soul?Credit: Ángelo González, CC BY-SA

By Tracy Long-Sutehall, University of Southampton

Soon to be grown for ornamental use only.Credit: Mark Nesbitt and Samuel Delwen, CC BY

By Luc Henry, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

Feeling comfortable in our own skin when it comes to clothes is more complicated than just “being yourself”. Image: Flickr, Maria Morri

By Rosie Findlay, University of Sydney.

The word morality makes people uneasy – but not ethics. What is the basis of a moral education? Credit: Flood G/Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND

By Patrick Stokes, Deakin University