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Killer Robots, Mass Unemployment - No One Talks About How AI Systems Reinforce Cultural Bias

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already re-configuring the world in conspicuous ways. Data drives...

The Chemicals In Placebos Matter Too

Placebo controls are a gold standard against which new treatments are often measured. If a new...

Is "Groupthink" A Problem For Climate Science?

When the Australian federal environment minister, Sussan Ley, went snorkeling on the Great Barrier...

Omnicide, Accelerating Modernity - How Preventing Disaster Using Scientific Progress Puts Us At Risk

Our present moment is characterized by a growing obsession with the long term. The study of climate...

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A Liberian nurse disinfects a looted mattress taken from an elementary school that was used as an Ebola isolation unit in West Point, Monrovia, Liberia. AHMED JALLANZO/EPA

By Ian Kerridge, University of Sydney and Lyn Gilbert, University of Sydney

What the government sees as a quality university isn’t necessarily the same as what students see. University of Nottingham. Flickr/Simon Paterson, CC BY-SA

By Jane O'Callaghan Kotzmann, Deakin University

Honey bees play a vital role in pollination but their populations are under threat in many parts of the world. Flickr/Paul Stein, CC BY-SA

By Andrew Beattie

Source: IPA

By Kerrie Foxwell-Norton, Griffith University

It’s tempting to view The Australian’s latest broadside at the ABC as just another salvo fired between our nation’s two biggest media organisations.

Nottingham Trent University, CC BY-NC-ND

By Alister Scott, Birmingham City University

Shall I compare thee to a novel? No. Tim McFarlane/Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA

By David Sweeney, Glasgow School of Art