The Albatross

Here is another of my poems which I hope may be of use to educators.

                     THE ALBATROSS

 She slowly glides above the oceans deep
       in effortless grace, and almost seems asleep.
 She banks and turns, and falling like the rain,
       she plummets down, then soars aloft again.
 Each flight a masterpiece, she day by day
            shows off the aerial arts
                          man learned but yesterday.

 The wind her band, the skies her dance-hall floor
   to music never heard by man, she dances evermore .

 Envy this bird, mere mortal, for she took your place
       when you,growing foolish in your wisdom,
                   fell from grace
 Hers is the splendour man for all his pride has lost
            most beautiful of living things,
                    the albatross.