Here We Go Round The Binary

If this little piece of whimsy helps educators in any way,
that will make me very happy.

Here We Go Round The Binary

verse 0000


nothing-nothing twice.
nothing here - move on,
that's my advice.

verse 0001
oh oh oh one
that makes one.
one and three nothings
now wasn't that fun?

verse 0010
oh oh one oh
spells out two -
two and three nothings
look right to you?

verse 0011
oh oh one one
now we have three -
a two and a one -
add them up and see.

verse 0100
oh one oh oh
now we have four -
and three little nothings -
shall we try some more?

verse 0101
oh one oh one
five is shown -
nothing four and nothing one
try that alone.

verse 0110
oh one one oh
isn't that six?
let's move on
and I'll show you more tricks.

verse 0111
oh one, one one
seven - I'm sure
four and two makes six,
now add one more.

verse 1000
one oh oh oh
now we have eight
and nothing else to do -
wow! Isn't this great?

verse 1001
one oh oh one
nine, yes, nine
eight plus one - hey!
your doing just fine!

verse 1010
one oh one oh
what's that? ten?
yes, six plus four
shall we carry on, then?

verse 1011
one oh one one
can you tell me
what's eight nothing two one?
eleven? Yippee!

verse 1100
one one oh oh
eight and four
twelve, a whole dozen
and not one bit more.

verse 1101
one one oh one
where are we now?
did you say thirteen?
you're a genius! Wow!

verse 1110

Fourteen - wait!
Let's do this right
one one one
I guess you were right.

Wait for it!

Wait for it!

verse 1111
one one one
in my binary fun
a last one for luck
and I guess we're all done.



Copyright free picture courtesy of
Harker Heights High School