The Monckton Method

Lord Monckton's UKIP party would like to ban Al Gore's movie: 'An Inconvenient Truth'.

So much for freedom of speech.

The UKIP party's Lord Monckton is so convinced that reports of global climate change are a hoax that he would jail any scientist whose findings he disagrees with.

So much for rational debate.

“If you want to know the length of my tie you can call up all the tie
manufacturers and ask them the average length of the ties they sell and
produce a model based on that. Or you could just measure it.”
Lord Monckton
So much for the scientific method.

Lord Monckton's idea of science is that the way to predict what length of tie he will be wearing tomorrow is to measure his tie today.

Can you see the flaw in his argument, girls and boys?  Can you?  Yes?  Oh, well done!

How many people might want to measure Lord Monckton for a necktie?

A Conservative estimate would be 250,000 people.  I won't Labour the point of the group of  166,000 people.  I'm in a Liberal mood, so I'll skew the numbers to Lord Monckton's advantage and stick with 60,000.

Can you imagine sixty thousand people all turning up at Lord Monckton's door at the same time - all clamouring to be the first to measure his tie?

I think he would call for police protection rather than submit to a necktie party, don't you children?