Scoop!  ScientificBlogging Exclusive!

Your intrepid investigative reporter can exclusively report the finding of an unpublished complete proof of the Riemann Hypothesis.  The key document was only discovered during a routine stock-taking following the takeover of Scicenceblogs by ScientificBlogging announced earlier.

Based on the astounding discovery that any number divided by zero is a NaoN - Not an ordinary Number, the discoverer has shown related proofs describing free energy, antigravity and demonstrating  how to crack RSA encryption in <0.1ms using an old Pentium 1.

Shares in web security certification companies, on-line banks and the oil and power industries have fallen to an all-time low. 

President Barack Obama, in an emergency broadcast to the nation, stated -
My fellow citizens:  I stand here this April morning humbled by the task before us.  That we are in the midst of crisis is now well understood.  Homes have been lost, jobs shed, businesses shuttered.  The capital was abandoned.  We remain the most prosperous, powerful nation on Earth.  Our workers are no less productive than when this crisis began. Our challenges may be new.    We'll restore science to its rightful place, ignoring April fools,  for the world has changed, and we must change with it.

A new Government Emergency Response website has been set up in a bid to forestall panic.

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