Zombies - A Public Policy Study

Found last night during a Google search for latest news about something entirely unrelated to this search result:

Night of the Living Wonks

Toward an international relations theory of zombies.

There are many sources of fear in world politics -- terrorist attacks, natural disasters, climate change, financial panic, nuclear proliferation, ethnic conflict, and so forth. Surveying the cultural zeitgeist, however, it is striking how an unnatural problem has become one of the fastest-growing concerns in international relations. I speak, of course, of zombies.


The British Government, ever mindful of the need for public safety has rushed to address the problem:

Message from Douglas Alexander, Minister for the
Cabinet Office

Welcome to the Preparing for Emergencies web site.

We must be prepared to deal with any emergency, whatever it is or wherever it comes from. And that includes zombie attacks! And zombie pirate attacks! And killer robots! And both at the same time! Are YOU ready?


Hat tip to Hank for the link to http://www.tomscott.com/projects/ where I spotted this Dept of Vague Paranoia gem.

Cultural zeitgeist - what people can remember discussing in the bar last night and insist on discussing again at every opportunity today, especially when drunk again.