Volcano in Iceland Grounds UK Flights

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A volcanic ash cloud in UK airspace has left tens of thousands of travellers returning from Easter holidays facing long delays in getting home.  All non-emergency flights have been banned within UK airspace.

Statement on Icelandic volcanic eruption: Thurs April 15, 09:30

From midday today until at least 6pm, there will be no flights permitted in UK controlled airspace other than emergency situations. This has been applied in accordance with international civil aviation policy. We continue to monitor the situation with the Met Office and work closely with airline customers and adjoining countries. We will review the situation later today to understand what further action will be required. It is very unlikely that the situation over England will improve in the foreseeable future.
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Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull Volcano burst into life for the first time in 190 years on March 20, 2010. A 500-meter- (2,000-foot) long fissure opened in the Fimmvörduháls pass to the west of the ice-covered summit of Eyjafjallajökull. Lava fountains erupted fluid magma, which quickly built several hills of bubble-filled lava rocks (scoria) along the vent. A lava flow spread northeast, spilling into Hrunagil Gully.

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