It's never easy to joke about people in face masks inciting violence to prevent violence they claim will happen due to other people, so I won't make fun of the Antifa group that says they oppose racism while engaging in a whole lot of "isms" of their own, like fascism, when I make fun of Extinction Rebellion for pretending to promote science when really they are the equivalent of rioters at the 1968 Democratic National Convention who claimed they were all about the Summer of Love.

If that long run-on sentence made little sense, you are not the Extinction Rebellion target audience - which seems to be stoners. Co-founder Gail Bradbrook said in a press briefing as part of Breaking Convention, a conference on psychedelics in London that while it was not Extinction Rebellion’s policy (wink wink) to promote the use of drugs, they had played a role in her personal journey towards founding a movement designed to piss off commuters and people with actual jobs so unemployed people and students could feel important.

Credit: Mark Kerrison / Alamy Stock Photo

“The causes of the crisis are political, economic, legal and cultural systemic issues but underneath that are issues of human trauma, powerlessness, scarcity and separation. The system resides within us and the psychedelic medicines are opportunities to help us shift our consciousness,” she told the conference.

If you feel like global warming caused your psychological problems, you are not alone.