One of the biggest hoaxes of the coronavirus period has been tinctures, such as those promoted by CNN journalist Chris Cuomo and his wife on her website. They don't do anything, but like most naturopathy they let you feel like you are doing something while you wait.

Too often, when they do something it is bad, because naturopathy and supplements can be adulterated. CBD oil is a product with no benefit to anyone yet it is outside FDA scrutiny because President Clinton gave his constituents, the overwhelmingly large consumers of supplements, a boon by exempting those products under the 1994 DSHEA Law. No product has to show it can really do anything as long as they put in a tiny disclaimer stating there is no science validity to their marketing claims; FDA has not evaluated them.

But when naturopathy and supplements attempt to do something harmful FDA can act. That is what has happened with KORE ORGANIC Watermelon CBD Oil Tincture. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services tested a random sample and found the product to contain lead levels at 4.7 ppm.

That is not really enough to harm anyone, when I was a kid 90 percent of America had lead in water higher than that, but because it is higher than EPA levels you can return this junk for a refund.

And you should do so. Not because of concern about lead, but because it does not help anyone.