When a mass outbreak of the coronavirus occurred on a Princess Cruise ship, it quickly became international news. There was a rush to panic and Diamond Princess was quarantined for over two weeks, and the infection rate onboard was about four times higher than what can be seen on land in the worst infected areas of China. But, they said, it would have been worse if they had not isolated everyone.

Microbiologists and immunologists have long been leery of cruise ships, diseases break out on them every year, and new surveys show they will have a harder time recovering than airlines and hotels. More than half of all adults (53 percent) had seen, read, or heard something in the past week about cruise lines and it was 46 percent negative compared to 26 percent positive. Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruises unsurprisingly got the most attention, with 37 percent of consumers saying they’re aware of news relating to each.

The Diamond Princess wants to set off again in April but 43 percent of Americans say they are less likely to take a cruise in the next six months, and that is being reflected in the stock price.

So if you really want to take a cruise, show interest but don't commit, and wait until someone there piles on offers that are too good to refuse. Or at least worth the risk.