A dirty secret about the alternative energy market is that it's not funded by companies, it's funded by poor people who are forced to shell out more for electricity so rich people can have solar panels. Government gives subsidies, but you have to be rich enough to buy the installation in the first place, and then will buy the energy back from you at the same cost they sell it. But they can't charge for employees, transmission lines, maintenance, or anything else so government lets them pass those costs along to people in apartments or rentals or those who simply don't have the money for solar.

Electric cars have been sold using similar graft. Consumers get to pretend the electricity comes from somewhere besides the 85 percent of energy produced by fossil fuels and they get other taxpayers to subsidize it.

Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) wants poor people to stop subsidizing Tesla and other cars being purchased by wealthy elites so he is proposing income limits on the electric vehicle tax credit. Those with joint tax returns over $326,600 or individual returns over $163,300 can no longer get it at all, and everyone else would be limited to cars costing under $45,000. 

Government will no longer pay wealthy people to buy a $100,000 Tesla Roadster if the new law passes.

So you can get that Chevrolet Bolt or a Mini Cooper SE but not something obscene.

He says that with Senator Bernie Sanders about to secure the Democratic nomination opposing the wealthy, a bill should pass in both parties with ease but Republicans know that four of America's top five counties are solidly Democrats. So if they pass it, they receive blowback. If they don't, they look hypocritical. So this is politics as usual.