NASA is really excited they can fly a spacecraft near the moon. This seems odd, since they did a flyby nearly 60 years ago, as preparation for the moon landing in 1969.

Now, some people think the moon landing never happened, just like some people believe organic red wine is good for you or that solar power is a viable option source of energy for more than 0.6% of us.

In all cases they can point to strange government writings as circumstantial proof, and the moon hoax fringe has to be as giddy as NASA is about Artemis. 

Because either NASA is really shocked they're able to pull this off or their PR team has been told to hype it, like how they claim some meaningless picture has 'implications for finding life on other planets' six times a year. 

Either way, congratulations NASA. It only took 18 years to re-do what your grandparents did as lowest bidder government contractors in 6 years, using slide rules. 

Keep up the good work.