Harvard biologist David Sinclair is so convinced he has the secret to staying 'biologically young' that he *ta da* sells it. And it is all things you can buy. Or do.

He is mostly vegetarian and mostly doesn't drink. Okay, a moderate diet and exercise, you don't need a degree for that, you just need to have read "Readers Digest" any time since 1963. He looks young and perhaps always will, but just like someone may buy some brand Kim Kardashian sells, it doesn't mean they will look like her, it is an aspirational purchase. He knows that but wants to sell you stuff anyway.

Sinclair, who should know better, given that he has a degree, instead tacks on nonsense like matcha tea and reservatrol. Why not throw in acai berries and quinoa if you just believe poorly designed epidemiology from 15 years ago. Give up gluten, buy organic food, pop a CoQ pill, swear off white bread, engage in mindfulness. No fad diet would be complete this decade without throwing in intermittent fasting. 

I also look young for my age so if 'it works for me' is the only rationale needed, you should buy my diet book where I tell you to eat giant buckets of eggs and meat and forget vegetables completely. I can back it up with epidemiology. Yet because I am not trying to sell you something I can instead be honest; we got lucky.