If you don't trust medicine but you do believe in psychics, astrology, and organic food, you are likely to do a lot of stuff that makes no sense, especially not to actual scientists at FDA who probably wish President Clinton had never legitimized that kind of garbage, but how goofy does it have to be when even Gwyneth Paltrow, Guru To The Alternative World, says it's pretty weird.

Apparently sticking ozone in your anus.

I am so old that butter, eggs, and ozone were all considered bad things when I was young, now that last one is medicine if you are a believer in woo. And Paltrow is. While she conceded it is weird to the naturopath chiropractor whose podcast she was on, she also said that sticking the gas that was causing all of earth to die unless we all bought new refrigerators in the 1980s - to store partially hydrogenated vegetable oil instead of butter, and egg substitutes - in her rectum helped her feel healthier.

It's gibberish, and dangerous gibberish, according to scientists at the FDA, which notes that ozone, natural or not, is a toxic gas and has no medical application and should not be used in any preventative, supplementary, or treatment arena.

With the COVID-19 pandemic dying out, distrust of science and medicine will be back in fashion for wealthy elites on the coasts, which means their sudden belief in vaccines will also be short-lived. Especially if you went to a "medical" school that is really a chiropractic ayurveda grift in metro LA.