For those of you shocked that Netflix would run a show by a merchant of woo like Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop company, don't be. Science media knows they've hated science forever.

I became interested in Netflix and science when they refused to carry a documentary called "Food Evolution", which lauded the benefits of Dr. Norm Borlaug, father of the Green Revolution and the man who fed a billion people, and others using scientific progress.(1) 

So I did some title research and then asked employees to watch the shows I found and we wrote up the quick blurbs in the article linked above. It wasn't just Netflix not understanding science, they clearly hate it. The shows they do run on agriculture are obscure but all on message: Modern food is bad, ancient ways are good.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop, fans of bizarre vagina eggs and such, are doing a program called The Goop Lab. Maybe they paid for it rather than Netflix paying them, I have no idea, but Goop only has a lab the way anti-science activists have HRI Labs - to affirm their beliefs, not to do any real studies.

So we'll be treated to "energy healing" and psychic mediums and the benefits of psychedelic drugs and, of course, vaginas. Paltrow, or Goop, or both are obsessed with those in a way only teenage boys can understand.

This poster is seemingly supposed to suggest a vagina. It's too perfect. I would not have thought even Paltrow is this jade-egged. It's so perfect it looks like a spoof, but it's credited to Netflix.

Comedienne (is that still a thing, or can we just do like with "carpenter" and get rid of gender spellings? It's unclear, since awards shows still segregate women into their own categories) Chrissy Shackelford had a field day with it already and I can't outpunch someone who writes material for a living so here you go.


(1) It went to Hulu instead, and I like Hulu and Amazon Prime better than Netflix, but there is no question that Netflix is the leader. No other streaming service has the largess to throw $150 million at Martin Scorsese to make the same movie he's made numerous times by now in hopes it will win them awards.