Due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, lots of people don't want to travel anywhere. Even to the doctor. But prevention in this case may be worse than the disease. 

The World Health Organisation warns that 80,000,000 kids under age 1 are at greater risk of diphtheria, measles and polio because immunization is being hindered in 70 countries.

Of the 129 countries where data are available, 54 percent reported disruptions or a total suspension of vaccination services during March-April 2020. 

Some is due to parents who have become convinced by media that coronavirus is the Spanish Flu or the Black Plague and therefore worse than polio. Health care workers may not want to travel, may have restrictions on travel, or are already doing COVID-19 response where they are.

There is no 'one size fits all' for countries any more than there is for U.S. states so WHO has issued advice to help countries determine how and when to resume mass vaccination campaigns