The Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science has just opened as a new multi-disciplinary research centre at the University of Sussex. One of their first projects is an investigation into synaesthesia and they are looking for volunteer synaesthetes who would like to take part.

"We are interested in ALL types of synaesthesia, and not just the more common 'coloured letters' variety. If you are unsure whether your experiences are synaesthetic or not, then don't be afraid to get in touch. For some of our research we need to meet you in person and so it is important that you live in the UK or travel through the UK on a fairly regular basis. However, we also have questionnaires and other paper-and-pen tests that could be done by e-mail or post if you live overseas.

"These are some of the specific topics that we are currently investigating.

* Experiencing touch when you see someone else being touched
* Synaesthesia in people who are blind
* Different locations of synaesthetic colours. Do you see your colours as if they are external? Are they located on your body, or do they feel literally inside your head?
* Synaesthesia for numbers. Do you see numbers in space? Do you get colours even if you look at Roman numerals or dice patterns?
* Synaesthesia and memory. Is there a link between synaesthesia and better memory? If so, why?"

If you wish to take part or know someone who might - or are just curious - then go to their Synaesthesia Research page or to the Sackler Centre.