2013 will be the year of Mathematics of Planet Earth. This global initiative was spearheaded by Professor Christiane Rousseau of the University of Montreal, and it was fitting that the first national launch of MPE2013 was held in Canada on the 7th December 2012.

"More than 100 academic institutions and scholarly societies have joined in a major world-wide initiative: Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) 2013. This year-long effort will highlight the contributions made by mathematics in tackling global problems, including natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis; climate change; sustainability; and pandemics. MPE2013 partners will sponsor workshops, research conferences, public lectures, outreach events, and educational opportunities for all ages. Each country from a partner institution will host a special launch to the year." Most countries, such as the USA, will launch MPE2013 in the new year.
The UK launch of MPE2013 took place on the 17th December at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences. Transcripts and videos of the event are available from the INIMS website. The associated conference was opened by Professor Lord Julian Hunt who makes the important points that "[...] perhaps the scientific and mathematical communities can do a better job of explaining in the public sphere the more certain and less certain aspects of climate and natural hazards [...]. But they should listen to the public debate, not least in parliament, and constructively engage with the relevant information and by correcting mistakes; neither of which happens much at present."
Well, MPE2013 gives science writers and bloggers the opportunity to do just that! On their official blog there is a "call for MPE bloggers". Although this appears to have been announced back in August, there is no update or blogroll so we must assume they are still looking. I thought this aspect would be of particular interest to bloggers here on Science 2.0. Just send an email to MPE as explained in the blog post.