Wow, those folks in Stockholm do pay attention to this blog. With a delay of a year (ok, you are forgiven, graphene is cute stuff after all), one half of the ten million kronor goes to SAUL PERLMUTTER and the other half jointly to BRIAN SCHMIDT and ADAM RIESS.

Exactly as I instructed them.

Bravo Nobel committee. And congratulations Saul, Brian and Adam, well deserved!

Saul Perlmutter receiving a call from Stockholm.
Credit: Paul Sakuma

Credit: the universe adventure.

Let there be no mistake: this Nobel is not for dark energy. It is for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe. The first is a theoretical model, the latter is a hard observational fact.


Want to know more about cosmic acceleration and the dark energy model? My very first blogpost here at Science2.0, holographic dark universe, explains the dark energy problem in laymen's terms.

This post also suggests an alternative (holographic) interpretation of the cosmic acceleration. As I am one of those who doubt the existence of dark energy, I have deepened these thoughts in a series of blog posts that explore an entropic origin of the cosmic expansion (for a summary see
It-from-bit: How to get rid of dark energy).