I don't know anything about this Weblog awards other than to know they really messed up. I have never read Climate Audit but allegations that some vast right conspiracy ( and it's the same old people drumming up this hysteria, time and again ) was stacking the votes for them motivated people to actually stack the votes against them. The solution by these weblogawards clowns? Reward the confirmed cheaters by granting them a tie. This weblogawards for science thing wasn't a popularity contest, it was an IQ test - and everyone involved in the cheating scored pretty low. I know, I know, because of my criticism of their organized cheating this Pharyngula person will start yet another rumor that we are a front for the Discovery Institute - it doesn't matter to me. People come here to read science and if other people only get read by inciting hysteria, that's their business. Though I guess we're not going to win any popularity contests/weblog awards any time soon. Sorry about that.