NEW YORK, June 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- was created to be a forum where people involved in cheating can absolve themselves of some guilt, get advice from peers, or simply share their cheating ways by anonymously posting their confessions. People can also post stories of being cheated on. All posts are judged and voted on by other visitors. Anyone over the age of eighteen can post on All content on the site is user generated and is intended for a mature audience.

The idea for came about after so many recent headlines involving celebrity cheating scandals, like those of Tiger Woods, Jesse James and most recently, David Boreanaz.

Posts are no more than 800 characters in length, and all posts on are anonymous user-generated stories of infidelity posted with single-name aliases. Users can go to the website to read posts, comment and vote on other people's cheat confessions. Posting categories on the site include: Cheaters, Cheated On, Thinking About Cheating ( and The Other Person. Additional search categories on the site include: Most Popular and Most Recent.

The site's wild card category is Letters, where anyone can post an open letter to someone they have cheated on or someone who has cheated on them. All letters are written to single name aliases only. Last names are not allowed on the site to preserve the privacy of all involved parties.

This week CheatConfession launched their staff blog. Topics to date include: If You're on a Break, Is It Still Considered Cheating?, If You Were Rich and Famous You Might Cheat Too!, Is It ok For You or Your Significant Other to Have a Friend of the Opposite Sex? ( is overseen by a staff of moderators to assure anonymity, and to avoid abuse. The site does not condone or encourage cheating, infidelity or adultery ( The website presents a neutral and objective forum for people to express their views about cheating. Visit

CheatConfession in the News

Since its launch on May 11, 2010 CheatConfession has been featured on well known blogs including: Mashable, TheFrisky, YourTango, CafeMom, Thrillist, and ManCouch which has syndicated CheatConfession's content with their regular Cheat Confession of the Week feature. has been re-Tweeted by close to 2,000 Twitter users.