Prior to 2021, if you found an anti-vaxxer, it was also going to be someone who bought organic food and thought cell phones cause cancer. While some kooky Republicans have taken over for some of the wacky left-wing people that deny vaccines, organic food and 5G conspiracy theories are thankfully still only one party and thus don't get much media attention from their political tribe in corporate journalism.

The claims are getting even weirder. Chief anti-science loon Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., with his astroturf-public-health-sounding Children's Health Defense, and equally suspect Environmental Health Trust had the same lawyer arguing that FCC needs to put a halt to 5G rollouts because the judge saw that just because they filed separate court cases does not mean they are separate groups, so they were forced to file a joint brief and use the same attorney. 

The science has proven conclusively that cell phones don't cause cancer so conspiracy theorists have pivoted to claiming 5G 'harms' trees and are invoking the legendary "until we know for sure 5G doesn't harm trees" then all progress must be halted because 5G "needs more study."

Their source; a 5G conspiracy blogger named Blake Levitt and Henry Lai, PhD, the Tyrone Hayes of the cell phone world (minus the part about being a cock-fixated megalomaniac, we can assume), who has been debunked for decades and yet, like Andrew Wakefield, still gets mentioned as credible.

They can't say what harms there are, they just say trees are being harmed and therefore cell phones probably did it. Yet their legal argument, that the 1996 cellular regulations are out of date, debunks their own claim. If cell phones could harm people or plants or whatever Kirlian aura they will claim is impacted next, they would have done so when cell phones used a lot of more power. Where is all the extra brain cancer?  Where are all the dead trees? They doesn't exist. 5G is higher frequency and far less power, it is biologically impossible for this non-ionizing radiation to do what they want to convince people it does.

They might as well claim neutrinos and all-natural cosmic rays cause cancer. After all, it's impossible to prove they don't.