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Heated Research On The Origin Of Life In Warm Waters And Ernesto Di Mauro

Who's Ernesto Di Mauro? He is Professor of Molecular Biology at the Department of Genetics and...

The Physics Of Love

Jim Croce, whose major was psychology in Villanova University, perhaps, had a minor ...

Science 2020: Motherhood, Clean & Sustainable

THE QUESTION IS "What Will The Next Decade Bring In Science?" The answer is both obvious...

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Today's underwater acoustic communication relies on scalar sensors to measure the pressure of the acoustic field. However, "a vector sensor is capable of measuring important non-scalar components of the acoustic field such as the particle velocity, which cannot be obtained by a single scalar pressure sensor" according to Ali Abdi, PhD, associate professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering at NJIT.[1]

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Project might restart in 2009 Summer. I wrote twice about the incident that caused its shutdown on 19 September 2008.

First, Mystery tonne of He - Real Science, mainly dealt with the news of one tonne of cryogenic helium lost and asked, "was the level 3 alarm activated when the quench occurred?" as a concern involving the LHC cryogenics design.

Meet the smallest fully integrated fuel cell in the world: only 9 mm3 in volume but 254 W per Liter in energy density. This millitechnology power source is the invention of  S. Moghaddam, PhD and his team [1]. A chemical reactor is used to produce hydrogen by reacting a metal hydride with water vapor.


The metal hydride chosen is lithium aluminum hydride, LiAlH ,which reacts with water to release hydrogen by the following equation:


 A new book, "Poisoned Profits: The Toxic Assault on Our Children" by Philip and Alice Shabecoff is praised for its competent journalism in January 5, 2009 issue of Chemical and Engineering News. The review article, Protecting Children From Toxic Chemicals,  transmits the book's message that toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the environment are responsible for much of the increase in chronic disease and disability in children.[1]

Clichés are soft.. they leave it to your imagination. 

Clichés are hard.. they leave it to your imagination.

Embedded in the clichés are stereotypes.

A new cliché: "2009 is years-old."

P.S. A Happy 2009 to ALL with peace and love.
Since 1899, when acetylsalicylic acid was named "aspirin" in Germany, the emphasis has been placed on its properties. There is a new wind on the subject -- a medical cyclone seems to be brewing in the United Kingdom. John R. Patterson and colleagues report their new findings in the Dec. 24 issue of ACS' biweekly Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.