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Heated Research On The Origin Of Life In Warm Waters And Ernesto Di Mauro

Who's Ernesto Di Mauro? He is Professor of Molecular Biology at the Department of Genetics and...

The Physics Of Love

Jim Croce, whose major was psychology in Villanova University, perhaps, had a minor ...

Science 2020: Motherhood, Clean & Sustainable

THE QUESTION IS "What Will The Next Decade Bring In Science?" The answer is both obvious...

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See this on Earth Day!
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Credit: Timothy Newhouse, Chad A. Lewis and Phil S. Baran.[1]

And see it any day on Earth. Kapakahines B and F are both awesome in the eye of some of us. They are still beautiful for the rest of us because they are promising big things like this one, our planet, Earth.

Health and death have genetic risk factors. International research has linked ten gene variations to sudden cardiac death (SCD). What is SCD? It is death resulting from an abrupt loss of heart function -- cardiac arrest. Was this perhaps what the first famous poly-marathoner suffered?

Recent - The American Heart Association (AHA) says about 850 Americans die each day without being hospitalized or admitted to an emergency room. Most are sudden deaths caused by cardiac arrest. Death occurs within minutes after symptoms appear. Yet this health problem has received much less publicity than heart attack.

Happy Birthday to you, the sweeties who don't even eat cake! I am honoring here three sweet ones. One that just turned one today. OK I don't even know her but she must be sweet like all baby girls.

The other is Barbie who is 50 this year. She surely does not eat cake. She allegedly keeps her figure by not eating.

If it happened once, can it happen again? Yes, it can but we would still desire pistachio nuts sans Salmonella. Beyond our poetic pistachio passion, these tasty nuts are good for us. Last year, researchers at Penn State concluded pistachios reduce inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk factors.
Surprisingly, the reduction in LDL cholesterol was seven times greater than what could be expected from only the fatty acid content of pistachios. Perhaps other bioactive compounds, such as phytosterols and fiber, are responsible for the observed heart-healthiness of pistachios.

Phobos and Deimos are just two of many moons of the solar system. Meet Deimos in color as viewed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on 21 February 2009.

And here is Phobos image taken by the same spacecraft on 23 March 2008.

The Multinational Nuclear Power Pulse Survey, conducted online in November 2008, was released on 17 March 2009 by its originator Accenture, a consulting company. 10,508 people in 20 countries participated in a series of 20-minute interviews. Included in geography are Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UK, and USA.