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Heated Research On The Origin Of Life In Warm Waters And Ernesto Di Mauro

Who's Ernesto Di Mauro? He is Professor of Molecular Biology at the Department of Genetics and...

The Physics Of Love

Jim Croce, whose major was psychology in Villanova University, perhaps, had a minor ...

Science 2020: Motherhood, Clean & Sustainable

THE QUESTION IS "What Will The Next Decade Bring In Science?" The answer is both obvious...

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Welcome to my universe.. where there is Peace University. As Fine Scientist, PhD, I write about my interest in various fields, from energy to space, chemistry, mathematics, plants, paleontology... Read More »


Are you ready for a treat? Have you ever wished you could be with Charles Darwin on his travels just for one day? Perhaps -- when he first saw immense glaciers? Well, I've arranged today to imagine what-and-where of him and the Beagle in South America. Charles Darwin enjoyed 29 January 1833 because his notes are joyful and eventful. See for yourself.

Are you seeking to serve humanity as a scientist but in a new way? This might well be your cup of tea: AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition. AAAS, whose mission is "to advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people," has launched in January 2009 the Foundational Documents for this new activity consistent with its own broad goals:[1]

Michael Shermer of Michael Shermer: What Will ET Look Like? has inspired me to write a sci fi. Shermer's ET, whether a bipedal primate or not, is attractive for a theme of oceans and humans -- both representing new experiences. An extraterrestrial, you might agree, is also ideal to ask questions to our hero, as suggested by me, to be played by Michael Shermer.

What is life is a valid question to some because they would simply like to make some.  Yet others, although they don't know what it is, search for life in other planets like Mars. How do you find life if you don't know what it is?

Let's remember that scientists like fun and get ready for dates by studying for them. Well, I mean dates like the Inauguration Day, the first in the history of ScientificBlogging.com, January 20, 2009. 

My column comes handy in this quick review for Mr Obama. You know he is interested in jobs:

Old to New Green Jobs (4.2 Million) 

Renewable energy? Energy efficiency?