Dilation, the most misunderstood aspect of transsexual life.  Common misconceptions and vicious lies say that it is to keep open an oozing bleeding wound that will scab over and heal up like a cut without dilation.    NO.  It is painful ….it can be.  It is sexual and nasty… NO!    In this blog and the below video recorded a week ago I will give my personal observations of it.   

Too Long, Didn’t Watch.

It is painful much of the time.  Yet it can also relieve pain.  This is much like a deep tissue massage with a particular medical device.  Though there is no moving anything around.  It is mostly just 20 minutes of boredom 10 minutes of cleanup.

Five and a half weeks post op I am still very much as in recovery now as I was when I got out of the hospital.  Though there has been some progress.  I have full good feeling and sensation as can be expected after an operation like this.

There have been set backs.  Bleeding that comes and goes.  Tearing from being strained even just a bit.  Carrying anything that requires any engagement of the pelvic floor causes a PROBLEM. 

Ignorant Union People

To top it off the opponents of transparent elections within the Illinois Education Association, I will withhold their names for now, hired a dubious lawyer to threaten me with a letter.  A tactic that only works on people who don’t know their legal rights and responsibilities.  Throw in big scary sounding words written on parchment paper and I am supposed to quail. HA!   

Until that election is no longer in dispute I have a duty to not divulge certain financial information which includes not just a checkbook but personal information of union members submitted for tax filing purposes.  Until this is finally settled it would be very wrong to casually divulge this.  The thing they are asking for.  A couple dozen lbs of files and papers that I am supposed to cart down town while I am medically unable.  That is on top of the legal questions that still need to be settled!    

Born of one of the misconceptions I surely mention in the video above.. that the surgery is a quick and dirty thing that one just gets over really quick.  When really it is a very invasive and serious pelvic surgery.   

Even very educated people can be quite ignorant of transgender issues even when told about them.

If I wasn’t already so savvy to the fact that liberal politics in general do not make one transgender friendly id’ be really distraught.  Certainly all of the people being jerks about the issue of Crooked Illinois Education Association Elections not being corrected and instead being swept under the rug would consider themselves enlightened on such matters.

Colleges A Mixed Bag.

College of DuPage has been accommodating of my needs without any drama.  DuPage county IL, the location of Fermilab, being a very republican area. 

At City Colleges of Chicago, the EEO office first kept asking for more and more detailed letters.  Which I sent them along with a link to a couple of completely NOT dirty YouTube videos about this issue.  Which they responded to by acting like I’d emailed them porno.   THANKFULLY my direct boss at Wright Colleges DID accommodate me. 

I am never surprised when educated people act just like everyone else about this.  The reaction transgender people get cannot be predicted based on a person’s place, race, religion or politics.  There is no accounting for it.  I have so many stories where young hip people acted the way one assumed older folks would and older folks, and the visibly religious were far more decent to me. 

What Else Have I Been Doing?

Using my new white board walls at home to compute the degree to which a passing gravitational wave would affect an electron or other fermion beam with the first and second order relativized-quantum corrections to it.  This is an experiment I mean to formally propose. 

Writing a short story which may become a series of short stories about a trangender/gender non-conforming life lived in the 1340’s.

Drawing/ colorizing anime images… follow me on Twitter to see those. @Hontas_Farmer

Trying to just relax and get my courses in order so they can run smoothly when the 12 week sessions start in a couple of weeks.

In short dilation is really all about relaxing.  Relaxing certain muscles, keeping them from clamping down and causing serious pain.  Also keeping skin grafts in place.  Without it bad things happen to trans women.    Recovery to 100% capability will not happen for me until one year post op.