I do believe that a vast majority of men and women are evil and that furthermore we really ought to deal with this fact rather than being politically correct and ‘believing’ that all Men are inherently good.

On what do I base my saying that Man is evil?

Well, for a start, why not take a look at Man’s history? In the course of the 5,000 years of our known history, we find that human beings have repeatedly and with the most natural ease reverted to evil in their daily lives.

For a start, we can look with horror at the number of wars, battles, skirmishes and other military activities that Man has engaged in. We can read how Man has repeatedly encircled towns and starved them to submission. We can read how Man has invaded other lands and other races and then proceeded to slaughter innocent civilians, raping the women and stealing from the wealth of the occupied lands.

All these wonderful activities by Man are more than common throughout his noble history.

Next we can see how Man has always sought to exploit his supposedly ‘fellow’ Man through trade, commerce and any form of business transaction for that matter. All this in the name of trade, which translates into the word ‘profit’.

Indeed, the lust for profit has hurled Man upon Man like dog against dog, fiercely seeking the complete destruction of rivals and competitors in order to gain more and more money.

Man has used the law in order to subjugate Man in every conceivable manner. The law is created in order to protect the elite from the poor so that the latter will absolutely no legal path whereby they can reclaim their stolen rights. The law makes sure of that! Secondly the law is created so that powerful nations can legally subjugate weaker nations, allowing them to murder at casual will and do basically whatever they wish. That is what the League of Nations, the Nuremberg Trials, the United Nations, the US-UK starvation-policy against Iraq (1990-2003) are all about.

Now I do know your objection: yes, you say, but hasn’t Man also created the works that are sublime, geniuses such as Mozart, Michelangelo, Einstein?

Of course they have. No one is going to steal the dignity of the few human beings who have been inspirational throughout their lives.

But these souls are a mere handful in a gigantic ocean of the most wretched evil.

Let me now turn from to the individual, hurtful speck that is Man himself.

Look at men and women closely, observe them for yourselves. Think of about ten men and women that you know personally and think about their endearing attributes.

Why to your shock and horror you will find that most of them are thoroughly reprehensible characters!

And then there are these others humans who would commit the most heinous crimes if only they believed they could get away with it. These creatures fear the law, the courts, prisons and their reputations and were it not for these facets of our so-called ‘civilization’, why they would go on a rampage this evening.

I ask you, look at these human beings.

Every day, every minute and every moment you will see them thinking ill thoughts for others, thinking out devilish ideas and plans in order to give themselves more prestige, money, power or fame.

See the human as he fanatically seeks to character assassinate you; as he feverishly seeks to defame you, insult you and your children. See the vile human as he literally shines with joy upon hearing bad news for you. See the human as he endlessly schemes how, why and where and when to steal from you; to get you expelled or demoted from your job. See the vile human as he seeks to hurt your emotions and your senses with uncommonly grievous words, phrases and ideas. See the human as he goes around from person to person, complaining about you unto others, creating fantastic stories on how you did this evil act or that evil act, while you have of course done nothing at all.

See the vile human as he writes books, articles, journals against you. See the vile repulsive human as he desperately seeks to ‘legally’ imprison you though you have not committed one offence! See him seeking to get you deported from the country you happen to be living in. See him trying to get you beaten to a pulp by paid criminals while you stand there helpless in front of the august body of completely useless and ineffective laws. See the vile human who brags about his glorious life while you suffer from eternal humiliations, vicious exploitation and a so-called ‘life’ not even worthy of the lowliest pig.

And then, I ask you, do you really think Man is wonderful after all?

Think of how many are today scheming against you in a million and one ways? Think about all your so-called family and friends and think how many of them, deep down, really despise you despite their brilliant protestations to the contrary?

That is why, reader, you must think and think really hard, when I talk about Man, for we need to tear down those sickening masks that humans wear and we need to look at the real face of Man, and I tell you that that face of Man is a most horrible image before me.

It is an image that is at once ugly, snickering, boastful, arrogant, rude, dismissive, scheming and full of evil lust.

Man is the most depraved animal in history.

Think of what he does: he rapes and he gang rapes. He commits incest and has children from his own daughters. He loves to torture in a thousand ways, and he loves to be tortured – yes masochism. He loves to force every conceivable sexual act upon six or five year old children. He loves to murder children. He loves and relishes to lie and deceive everyone else as that gives him power and power is an aphrodisiac.

Look at that human who interrupts you every time you try to get in a word or two. Look at the human who seemingly listen to what you are passionately saying and then casually changes the subject, thereby negating all that you have just poured out from your heart. Look at the rude human. How abundant they are! Everywhere you go and every day you will see them and you will sadly have to experience them.

Cold, dismissive, curt arrogant vipers! And you think you can get through to them?

Reader, if you believe that, then you are a dreamer.

For those who go on and on and on about people like Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Bokassa, Pol Pot, Charles Manson are simply talking about those humans who lived out their lives in a dramatic fashion and were more extreme.

But why don’t they look at themselves for once in their lives?

Man, the supremely depraved animal, is all around us: and all around you.

    Ayad Gharbawi