If you ask a non doctor what are the remedies of hypertension and blood pressure its like asking solutions from a student of maths or physics. However great contributions have been made from people who have changed their field of study from one to another. As neither I am doctor nor I have changed the field of study but I am looking for answer for both. Dont accept any of the following unless you take advice from your doctor. However I am presenting general observations. High sodium and sodium ion balance in body is crucial phenomenon. Body pH is maintained constant and sodium plays important role. If sodium uptake is higher it should be replaced by non sodium salt based on potassium . Use of potassium reduces sodium levels . Same thing happens in plant system also. Plants tend to exclude sodium during initial stages of stress. In humans the kidneys have to work harder to exclude sodium ions from the body which have been taken up in excess. This might cause higher blood pressure. However keeping our body near to nature and eating natural food might be answer of some of the problems of body facing due to life style and changes in eating habits. Let us go to nature again to live a better life. Green is good. If you love nature, nature will love you back and make you happy. Dont you feel happy in a garden. If you are happy you dont have to worry and worryless person is less prone to diseases. However only doctors can judge it better.