On integrating out short-distance physics

I submitted an article with simple calculations where the "short-distance physics" is integrated...

The True (but modest) Heroes of Microworld

I'm speaking of bare particles. "Heroes" is maybe too pathetic, but blocks or "bricks" would be...

Ultimate explanation of renormalizations

Theoretical Physics - it is cool. Especially elementary particle physics. Especially Quantum Field...

Unknown Physics Of Particle Orbital Momentum

Everybody knows that the orbital momentum  is "quantized" and its z-projection  has integer eigenvalues...

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Born in 1958 in Kharkov, USSR. Graduated from Kharkov State University in 1981 with major in Theoretical Nuclear Physics. Discovered positive charge atomic form-factors, reformulated several physical... Read More »


H0 charge "clouds" in |4,3,1> state.


In about 1985, while considering a banal problem of scattering from atoms, I occasionally discovered the positive-charge (second) atomic form-factors


describing effects of interaction of a charged projectile with the atomic nucleus [1]: