Nonsensical but oddly beautiful Bing and Google translations from Facebook posts in a variety of languages:


Doodle Yuan to her husband's party participated in the sector for the first time, bath soups are so comfortable

【連想ゲーム】 この車は何?

[Game] what is this car?
If you think car lover and drive to go with the first marriage hunting party in his woman get. but Mido muscles along meeting scheduled next year but don't want to go alone, but if you have no friends go together, handyman

교회에만 국한되어 있다고 생각하지 않는다. 그러나 가장 먼저 해결되어야 할 것은 교회가 맞다.

I think that churches are not only limited to. However, it should be resolved first, the Church is right. The Church, which is from me. Jesus without even as much as possible, my strange peace.

국내 대기업 CEO를 지낸 K씨는 아들보다 어린 30대 3세 임원에게 수모를 당한 일화를 증언했습니다. 3세 임원은 K씨를 다짜고짜 화장실로 불러내 혼쭐을 냈습니다. K씨가 사장단 회의에서 반대의견을 냈다는 게 그 이유였습니다. 

Domestic enterprises CEO Mr. K, who son younger than 30 have been battering three officers testified that the anecdote. The 3-year-old Executive is Mr. K willy-nilly through called as a toilet. Mr. k's delegation at the meeting was ended, and for that reason to dissent.


La IV pictures thin ... Porn Yes, naked marriage, bad news, it's shrimp

Lin 身上散發一種氣質叫..「霸氣」!!

Lin emitted a kind of temperament. "
Despot "! This is a can not hide the arrogant, is a strong smell it!

هيجت ذكراك حبي واستبد بي الانين

Memory of love and irritated crowd my whining