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I am a writer based in Northern California. I have a BS in Journalism. Two topics I am most interested in - evolutionary basis of religion and living systems as information systems.... Read More »


This is a fascinating article about how behavior at different levels of organization show strong parallels.

“Humans in solitary confinement can go crazy, talking to themselves and
trying to break free. Now scientists from New Mexico and New Hampshire
are reporting that bacteria locked in solitary confinement know they
are locked up, talk to themselves, and try to break free of their

In his book on infidelity, “The Truth about Cheating: Why Men Stray and What you can do to Prevent it,” M. Gary Neuman asked the men he surveyed the following two questions.

a)    Was Sex much different (physically) than sex with the wife?
b)    Was Sex not much different (physically) than sex with the wife?   

The answer:
a) Sex was much different than sex with the wife -68%

Of course the question is why?

The American religious experience is changing.

The mystical experience has long been a part of the human religious experience. It is in fact believe to be the original documented form of the human religious experience.

The 16,000 years old cave painting of Lascaux in France and Altamira in Spain, are now understood to be part of a mystical initiation ceremony.

It is believed that young initiates from ancient hunting bands had to crawl though the dark narrow passages and enter the large cave halls painted with images of majestic animals, where they were guided through a consciousness altering mystical transformation.

The question on everyone’s lips is “Why?” Why did someone like Tiger Woods, who had so much to lose, do what he did?
Because he could? Because he didn’t care?
We’ll never really know until the Oprah interview. (You know it’s coming.)

In the meantime, here is an observation about the whole debacle.
Tiger Woods did not just have a series of one-night-stands with these women. He had extended “relationships” with several of them.
What is really interesting from an evolutionary point of view is the actual length of these affairs.
Most of them lasted 2 to 3 years.

This roughly corresponds to the average length of the intense romantic phase of human sexual relationships.
Hint- It's not the obvious one.

Here is the question:
What is the number one reason men give for cheating on their partner?

a) Primarily sexual dissatisfaction
b) Other/ no dissatisfaction
c) Equal emotional and sexual dissatisfaction
d) Primarily emotional dissatisfaction

The answers

a) Primarily sexual dissatisfaction - 8%
b) Other/ no dissatisfaction - 12%
c) Equal emotional and sexual dissatisfaction - 32%
d) Primarily emotional dissatisfaction - 48%

This statistic comes from M. Gary Neuman's book "The Truth about Cheating: Why Men Stray and What you can do About it."
What do you think is the number one reason men gave for cheating on their long term partner?

a) Primarily Sexual Dissatisfaction
b) Other/no dissatisfaction
c) Equal Emotional and Sexual Dissatisfaction
d) Primarily Emotional Dissatisfaction

To find out the answer listen to the audio blog.

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