NEWBURY, England, March 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Bayer Diabetes Care launch their new CONTOUR(R) USB blood glucose meter in the UK and Ireland. Bayer's CONTOUR(R) USB is the first blood glucose meter with cutting edge 'plug and play' technology and a built-in USB that inserts directly into a computer. This innovative meter provides users with instant access to their blood glucose test results whilst 'on-the-go', helping them to manage their condition more effectively and in a way that suits their modern lifestyle. Specialist Glucofacts(TM) DELUXE software translates up to 2,000 individual blood glucose readings into meaningful trends and patterns, giving users an unprecedented level of access to their own unique diabetic profiles and empowering them to become 'experts' in their diabetes.

This technology has the potential to transform the way people manage their diabetes; instead of seeing a single blood glucose level, they can now simply see review the whole picture, said Dr. Iain Cranston, Consultant Physician, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth. Up until now visualisation of this data has been difficult and people with diabetes have often just been reacting to their one-off blood glucose levels on a real-time basis, but CONTOUR(R) USB gives them a much bigger overview, enabling them to spot regular patterns and potential problems emerging and allowing them to take a more proactive role in their condition.

Bayer's CONTOUR(R) USB can also help people with diabetes to make better, more informed decisions that are based upon genuine insight. Users can not only download their blood glucose results for their own information, but they can now send them directly to their healthcare professionals at the touch of a button.

With the CONTOUR(R) USB meter, patients are able to share their results with their healthcare professional during a clinic appointment, over the phone, or via email, giving them the opportunity to make treatment adjustments, such as taking action to reduce their HbA1c levels, if necessary. One of the main differences is that now this is a two-way conversation and patients are better able to understand the logic behind such treatment adjustments, incorporating them into their daily routine with greater ease. said Dr. David Simmons, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Bayer Diabetes Care.

Low levels of HbA1c in the bloodstream are one of the best indicators that diabetes is under control. Use of Bayer's CONTOUR(R) USB with its specialist diabetes management software has been shown to significantly lower HbA1c(1) and a sustained HbA1c reduction is important for consistent diabetes management. In fact, even a one-percent reduction in HbA1c reduces the risk of serious diabetes related complications by 40 percent(2).

Bayer's CONTOUR(R) USB meter also features:

- A bright colour display, visible in any light that shows average, high and low readings with customisable features such as intuitive pre- and post-meal marking - 500MB extra memory for storage of personal diabetes information - Rechargeable battery that can charge from any USB port or via the optional CONTOUR(R) USB wall charger - Glucofacts(TM) DELUXE diabetes management software

Bayer's CONTOUR(R) USB meter uses CONTOUR(R) blood glucose test strips currently available on prescription.

Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers, who has diabetes and is an ambassador for Bayer Diabetes Care said, I have been using Bayer's CONTOUR(R) USB meter and really like it. The technology has made monitoring my blood sugar, logging the results, and sharing information with my healthcare professional an easier process for me, especially with my busy schedule. This new meter has totally simplified my diabetes management experience.

Nick has custom designed a Dog Tag, available for people with diabetes and those who want to show their support for diabetes. Launching in the UK at the same time as Bayer's CONTOUR(R) USB meter, the Dog Tags are GBP6 and Bayer will make a donation to the Jonas Brothers' Change for the Children Foundation as well as donating GBP1 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for every dog tag sold. The Dog Tags are available at

Bayer's CONTOUR(R) USB meter will be available soon for sale in the United Kingdom and Ireland. If based in the United Kingdom, people should visit to find out more and to purchase Bayer's CONTOUR(R) USB meter. If they make their purchase before the 30th of June 2010, they can save GBP5 by typing USBPR5 in the promotional code box.

Alternatively if they are based in Ireland, they should go to If they make their purchase before the 30th of June 2010, they can save EUR6 by typing USBPR6 in the promotional code box.

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Dog Tags

A dog tag is the informal name for the identification tags originally worn by military personnel, but which are now popular in wider fashion circles.

When dog tags are worn as jewellery they are often fashioned out of precious metals and they may be inscribed with the owner's details including information relating to their health.

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Collateral available: - Spokespeople: - Case study - a patient with diabetes who is the first person in the UK to trial this blood glucose meter - Bayer - Dr. David Simmons, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Bayer Diabetes Care - KOL- Dr. Iain Cranston, Consultant Physician, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth - Photos: Bayer's CONTOUR(R) USB blood glucose meter - Backgrounders: - Bayer Diabetes Care 40 Year History - Diabetes Fact Sheet - Bayer Innovations in Diabetes Management Timeline

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