OVERIJSE, Belgium, April 21 /PRNewswire/ --

- After a Year of Solid Growth With Over 100 Campaigns for Top Brands in its Home Market, Pumbby Opens an Office in Paris. Next on the List: UK

Concept: earn money by looking at mobile ads

Pumbby subscribers receive advertising messages on their mobile phone via SMS or WAP Push free of charge and without obligations. By watching the advertisement they earn up to EUR0.35 per ad. The money can be transferred to a bank account or used to buy from the Pumbby shop: from movie tickets to phone credit.

Pumbby is available to every user regardless of the mobile operator or mobile phone he or she uses; ads can also be viewed through the Pumbby website.

Excellent targeting capability, strong results

In Belgium Pumbby has 183,000 members out of a population of about 10 million. New members subscribe via http://www.pumbby.com and fill in a questionnaire. Age, gender, location, occupation and education information allow for highly targeted campaigns, making Pumbby a very versatile marketing tool, capable both of mass and niche communication.

In the past year, Pumbby has successfully delivered over 100 campaigns for companies such as Nike, Fiat, Phone House, Coca-Cola, EA Games, cinema chain Kinepolis and Carrefour supermarkets. These campaigns show an unprecedented level of engagement from the members: 71% of the ads will be viewed, and the click-through rate of banners and newsletters counts up to 15%.


Pumbby's success in Belgium opens doors to other markets: France is the first step in our plans for international growth, says Jean-Paul de Ville, Manager Europe at Pumbby.

About Pumbby

First created as a student project in 2002, the Pumbby concept won a prize at the Eurowards in the category Encouragement. With support of several private investors, the company was launched in Belgium in January 2008.

In the first year, Pumbby delivered campaigns for top advertisers such as Nike, Fiat and Coca-Cola to 183,000 Belgian consumers.

In April 2009, Pumbby opened the French office in Champs Elysées in Paris.

For more information, please contact: Trimedia Els De Ceulaer edeceulaer@trimedia.be Tel.: +32(0)2-713-016 Pumbby Jean-Paul De Ville jp.deville@pumbby.com Tel. : +32(0)2-223-72-17

For more information, please contact: Trimedia, Els De Ceulaer, edeceulaer@trimedia.be, Tel.: +32(0)2-713-016 ; Pumbby, Jean-Paul De Ville, jp.deville@pumbby.com, Tel. : +32(0)2-223-72-17