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- Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) Solution Finalist in Backup and Disaster Recovery Software Category

Continuity Software(TM), a leading provider of Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) solutions, today announced that its RecoverGuard(TM) software has been named a finalist for the and Storage magazine 2007 Storage Products of the Year Award, in the Backup and Disaster Recovery Software category. The finalists, chosen by the industry's leading analyst experts and the editors of and Storage magazine, were judged in the areas of innovation, performance, ease of integration, manageability and functionality.

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"RecoverGuard's unique ability to deliver a new level of insight into data protection and disaster recovery environments is groundbreaking," said Gil Hecht, Founder and CEO of Continuity Software. "Typically, organizations test their DR once or twice a year. It is an incredibly time-intensive and expensive endeavor that uncovers issues nearly 100% of the time. The problems are fixed, however within days a change will occur that is not replicated appropriately to the remote site, and once again, the DR infrastructure is rendered virtually useless. While other solutions focus on specific aspects of DR, or specific technologies, only RecoverGuard provides the continuous data protection vulnerability detection, monitoring and reporting that detects the problems immediately as they happen."

Hecht continued, "We are truly honored to be named a finalist for one of the industry's most prestigious recognitions - even more so to be included among such well-known and respected industry leaders as this year's finalists. We wish them each congratulations and the greatest of luck."

RecoverGuard's Key Features

- IT Discovery and Scanning: The RecoverGuard Data Collection Engine is an automatic, agentless tool utilized to non-disruptively and continuously scan an IT environment and collect critical configuration data from key IT assets, including storage, servers and databases. RecoverGuard then performs a comprehensive dependency analysis in order to build a detailed disaster recovery (DR) topology map, which serves as the foundation for future analysis.

- Gap Detection: Today, the RecoverGuard Gap Detection Engine can identify and report on over 1,600 gaps and vulnerabilities in a customer's IT infrastructure. RecoverGuard then delivers an alert to the customer in a pre-determined fashion (i.e., via email and/or telephone call), thus allowing the customer to take immediate action, in order to ensure ongoing data protection, disaster recoverability and business continuity.

- Visualization and Reports: The RecoverGuard Visualization and Reporting capabilities allow the customer to drill further down into the IT infrastructure configuration status, as well as the previously discovered data protection and disaster recovery gaps, than ever before. It allows the customer to: learn about SLA compliance and SLA exceptions, produce change and audit reports, review trend analysis of configuration changes, drill-down into the risks detected in the infrastructure, and understand Business Services recoverability status.

- Optimization: The RecoverGuard Optimization Engine leverages the DR Topology Map in order to detect both under and over utilized assets, allowing the customer to fine-tune its resources and drive infrastructure value.

The winners of the and Storage magazine 2007 Storage Products of the Year Award will be announced on February 5, 2008. For further information, please visit:,295582,sid5_gci1294532,00.....

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Continuity Software(TM) is a leading provider of Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) solutions. Its RecoverGuard(TM) software mitigates data protection and disaster recovery (DR) risks by detecting replication infrastructure gaps and configuration vulnerabilities between customers' primary production and disaster recovery sites. With RecoverGuard software, customers can now confidently validate their DR strategy, and ultimately, ensure their business continuity and data protection goals. For further information, please visit:, email:, or call: +1-888-782-8170 (United States) or +972-9-962-0600 (Israel).

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