ABINGDON, England, November 6 /PRNewswire/ -- A new service has been launched to help UK businesses cut the cost of relocation, while actively supporting their corporate and social responsibility (CSR) policies. Robinsons, the business moving specialist, has launched Di-vert, which is Britain's first fully-audited office furniture waste recycling service. The service is designed to minimise the environmental impact of organisations moving premises, while unlocking hidden value within businesses. Customers using the Di-vert service will see their unwanted office furniture either reused or recycled, ensuring none of the waste ends up in landfill. Di-vert ensures furniture is reconditioned, reused or recycled for use back into the manufacturing process. Alternatively, pulped materials are used in a variety of growing markets, such as animal bedding. Importantly, Robinsons International (http://www.robinsons-intl.com/about-robinsons/ ) provides companies with a full audit trail which guarantees that the whole process of getting rid of waste products is entirely transparent. It is this accountability that is becoming increasingly important for businesses as investors, clients and staff become more discerning with regards to a company's green credentials, and complying with CSR policies becomes common business practice.

Anthony Robinson, managing director of Robinsons International (http://www.robinsons-intl.com/), explained: Businesses need to take responsibility for their waste and stop relying on landfill, as space fills up and costs escalate. Companies are failing time and time again to be transparent when it comes to office moving and disposing of their unwanted or damaged furniture. Many are working with a mover who offers to recycle these goods, but this work could all be in vain if the company cannot prove the ultimate whereabouts of their waste. An audit trail is vital in proving this and it is providing this that sets Robinsons apart from its competitors.

It is estimated that the UK sends over 500,000 tonnes of furniture to landfill every year - with a big part of this coming from office moves or relocations. Our new service has been launched to highlight this issue and make sure it is firmly on people's agenda and Britain's waste office furniture is fully accounted for.

For more information about Robinsons and moving your business visit http://www.di-vert.co.uk or call +44(0)800-833-638.

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