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- Charity Urges Teachers and Families to Plan a Safe Escape

After six people were fatally killed in a tower block this weekend, The Fire
Fighters Charity and the Communities and Local Government Fire Kills Campaign
urges teachers to make Planning A Safe Escape part of their Key Stage 1 learning

Latest statistics have shown that 29 children under the age of 11 are killed in
fires in the UK every year, and over 1,100 are seriously injured, providing the
two organisations with conclusive grounds to launch the campaign.

Schools across England are being encouraged to work in conjunction with their
local fire and rescue service, and help launch the first National Schools' Fire
Safety Day on Wednesday October 14th 2009. This year's campaign will focus on
the serious issue of 'planning a safe escape' in your home, and will be
specifically targeted at Key Stage 1 children. The main objective for the Day is
for Year 2 children to learn five related key messages, which they can take home
and relay to their families.

Supported by The Department of Children, Schools and Families, the
organisations have put measures in place to help reduce this statistic. Over the
next couple of years they aim to make learning about fire safety an annual, high
profile event listed in schools' diaries up and down the country. By introducing
a different fire safety topic each year, pupils taking part will learn valuable
fire safety lessons that might one day save their lives.

Keith MacGillivray, Chairman of The Fire Fighters Charity said We would like to
send our condolences and prayers to the families of those who were killed in the
dreadful blaze in South London last Friday.

Keith went on to say Fire is one of the main causes of accidental injury and
death amongst children and although the Fire Services work tirelessly to prevent
fires from starting, this shocking incident has highlighted how important it is
that people know how to react should the unthinkable occur. It is imperative
that children know how to escape from a fire. The aim of this campaign is to
encourage families to work out an escape plan together. Teachers can play an
extremely important part, advising families to work on this project together.
Ultimately, it could save lives.

All teachers or parents wishing to participate in the event can request a free
teachers' resource pack which will include classroom activity worksheets, an
event poster, a homework sheet and teachers' guidance notes. The campaign will
be supported by a fun and educational microsite, lead by fictional character -
Neenaw the fire engine, and will include individually designed zones for adults
and children.

The resource pack can be ordered by calling +44(0)1202-653-360. Additional
materials can also be downloaded from the website, where more information can be
discovered about the event.

Notes to editors:

- is currently being developed but
will be up and running by 15th July 2009. However packs can currently be ordered
by calling - +44(0)1202-653-360.

- The Fire Fighters Charity is the official organisation which exists for
injured fire fighters and their families during their times of need.

SOURCE: The Fire Fighters Charity

Alison White,, +44(0)1256366566