MAASTRICHT, The Netherlands, July 18 /PRNewswire/ -- GravityZoo announced today the beginning of the private beta program for MediaZoo, the 1st true Cloud-based music library & player, without the need for a browser.

Marc Vrijhof, GravityZoo co-founder and CEO says, "We're excited to announce the arrival of the MediaZoo private beta. The team has put in a ton of hard work to get us here. Now it's your turn to experience playing your music in the Cloud in a new and unique way."

MediaZoo represents a new generation of Cloud-based services powered by GravityZoo technology. It allows you to not only build your online music library but also join The Zoo, a project aiming to build the world's largest public library of shared, free music. MediaZoo even allows you to invite up to five close friends to come and listen to your music!

No more scattered music files!

MediaZoo is the result of a project the GravityZoo team has been working on since 2005, a project that aims to make any kind of application accessible via all internet devices. This has resulted in the creation of the world's 1st true Cloud Operating System. MediaZoo is the first fully functional application that uses the GravityZoo Cloud OS.

Those interested in participating in the MediaZoo private beta program can submit their request at Accepted submissions will be notified via email.

About GravityZoo

Founded in 2006, GravityZoo has created the 1st true Cloud Operating System allowing applications, including legacy applications, to become accessible via all devices connected to the internet, be they desktop, mobile or embedded devices.

The GravityZoo Cloud OS opens a whole new, browser-free world of Internet automation, communication and the use of Software as a Service (SaaS).

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