LUSTENAU, Austria, March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- IDENTEC SOLUTIONS groundbreaking Intelligent Long Range (ILR) RFID technology is playing an instrumental role in the construction of the monumental Freedom Tower located at the World Trade Center site in downtown Manhattan. Construction of the 1,776 foot tower has been underway since April of 2006 with an anticipated opening sometime in 2011.

Every slab of cement throughout this dramatic building, including the footings, core walls, elevator shafts, stairs wells, and all mechanical spaces throughout the Freedom Tower complex, will have utilized IDENTEC SOLUTIONS technology. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS i-Q32 Temperature Tracking Tags are embedded in the concrete and wirelessly send temperature information to the Concrete Maturity Monitoring System (CMMS) developed by Wake, Inc. This process allows the contractor to better manage concrete maturity in all of the walls and other structural components, which can be as thick as 20 feet, that make up the building.

As the world's tallest building when completed, the Freedom Tower utilizes core footings which have a concrete strength of 14,000 psi, three times the norm and a record in the NYC construction industry. The Concrete Maturity Monitoring System (CMMS) provides a major change in the process of collecting temperature data at several locations within a concrete project. The CMMS eliminates the need for probes and wires attached to external devices. This will help the contractor determine ultimate concrete maturity and strength more effectively, thus cutting down on construction time and costs.

"We are honoured that IDENTEC SOLUTIONS technology was selected to play an integral role in the construction of this iconic building," states IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Executive Vice President Global Sales, Peter Linke. "The Freedom Tower will be a significant landmark and we are pleased to be part of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center in downtown New York City."

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Contact: IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG, Katharina Künz, Tel: +43(0)5577-87387-53, E-Mail:

Contact: IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG, Katharina Künz, Tel: +43(0)5577-87387-53, E-Mail: