LUSTENAU, Austria and DALLAS, Texas, December 13 /PRNewswire/ -- IDENTEC SOLUTIONS recent acquisition of a Wtek, a global leader in providing active RFID solutions in the workplace, sets the stage for IDENTEC SOLUTIONS entry into the growing sector of worker safety and security.

Worker safety and security has long been an ongoing and vital concern for a number of industries. Identifying the location of employees in time sensitive situations can often mean the difference between life and death. By utilizing active RFID, emergency response and deployment in time critical situations is vastly enhanced, thereby offering the employer and employee a greater assurance of overall safety and security.

Headquartered in Kristiansand, Norway, Wtek is widely regarded for its highly scalable RFID solutions in the tunnel engineering, oil, gas & mining as well as offshore development industries. By utilizing both Wtek's proprietary Watcher(c) Application software and IDENTEC SOLUTIONS patented Intelligent Long Range (ILR) Technology, Wtek has been able to provide their customers with an extremely reliable and decidedly effective solution well suited to the harshest of environments - and one that ultimately succeeds where competing RFID solutions fail. Ensuring the highest degree of visibility and accountability, Wtek has redefined the meaning of "access control," "security" and "evacuation planning" in the workplace. Wtek's Watcher (c) Application features advanced software modules for people tracking, visualization on maps, as well as reporting in real-time.

The acquisition furthers IDENTEC SOLUTIONS overall strategy to provide the most technologically advanced active RFID solutions in the global market. Wtek's technology easily complements IDENTEC SOLUTIONS already comprehensive portfolio to again offer customers in this burgeoning market the most ideal, reliable and effective industry specific solution.

"IDENTEC SOLUTIONS and Wtek both recognized the potential of working more closely together," states Gerhard Schedler, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' Chief Executive Officer. "The combination of our award winning active RFID technology with Wtek's cutting edge proprietary software and market expertise provide the ideal platform in which to position IDENTEC SOLUTIONS at the forefront of this increasingly important market."

The acquisition provides IDENTEC SOLUTIONS the opportunity to offer its customers a complete solution. And with IDENTEC SOLUTIONS global reach, Wtek's technology will be able to enter markets previously unavailable.

"Wtek is looking forward to entering the North American and Asian markets for intelligent long range wireless communication. We will continue to provide highly scalable, stable and forward thinking solutions for companies that need to ensure the well being of their employees, " states Frank Wehus, CEO of Wtek AS. "Together we can offer a single face to our customers while providing the best available work safety solutions."

With its acquisition of Wtek Norway, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS continues to enhance its global presence in the active RFID solutions market. With strong market presence already in North and South America, Europe and most recently Asia, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS continues to dominate the international active RFID market.

About Wtek

Wtek is a leading, industry specific, safety consultant and development firm located in Kristiansand, Norway. Their WATCHERSERIES safety solution has been setting the standard within the RFID safety solution industry since 2002.

With in-depth knowledge and years of experience with usages of active RFID in harsh environments, Wtek is a world leading company that has overcome the challenges of making RFID work in some of the most difficult environments throughout the world.

With a module based solution and an open system architecture, the WatcherSYSTEM(TM) is easy to adopt and integrate into already existing infrastructure, as well as to adopt changes in the future. For more information see


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Contact: Identec Solutions, Martin Bahl, Tel. +43(0)5577-87387-16,

Contact: Identec Solutions, Martin Bahl, Tel. +43(0)5577-87387-16,