LUSTENAU, Austria and KRISTIANSAND, Norway, March 23 /PRNewswire/ --

- IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Further Reinforces its Stronghold on the Tunnel, Oil, Gas and Mining Industry With the Recent Acquisition of the Privately Held Tunnelcom

Norway based Tunnelcom is well noted for its Automatic Tagging System (ATS) - an electronic access, passage and safety system. Developed specifically for the isolated and challenging environments of tunnels and mines, Tunnelcom's solutions have been deployed all over the globe - most recently at the Norra Länken project in Stockholm.

A large and complex tunnel, the Norra Länken project posed a significant geographical challenge. The myriad of winding and connecting tunnels required particular consideration when installing the system infrastructure from fiber optics, WLAN and decentralized servers - complete with Internet connectivity. The deployment utilizes closed circuit television at all tunnel entrances, voice enabled communication and alarms as well as IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' Trailblazer server and WatcherTUNNEL software to deliver a complete system that provides the ultimate safety solution for all contractors during the extensive building process. Other Tunnelcom deployments include Zinkgruvan, Kristineberg and Garpenberg, LKAB, Svea and several more tunnel projects.

The differentiating feature of Tunnelcom's Automated Tagging System is that its focus is solely on personnel safety. Initially a technology partner, Tunnelcom has been utilizing IDENTEC SOLUTIONS robust tags in their ATS deployments since 2003.

Our strength is in our ability to offer complete, scalable, and highly reliable systems to specific industries. states Gerhard Schedler, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS CEO. We identified Tunnelcom as a strong safety solution provider to the burgeoning mining and tunnel industries, and a strong strategic fit to further our leadership position within this market.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is the global leader in wireless track and locate solutions that include intelligent long-range active RFID technology.

Contact: IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, Katharina Künz Phone +43-557787387-0

Contact: IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, Katharina Kunz,, Phone +43-557787387-0