LUSTENAU, Austria and KRISTANSAND, Norway, July 4 /PRNewswire/ --

- IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Award-Winning Tracking Technology has Been Selected to Proactively Protect Employee Lives With one of the World's Leading Energy Suppliers

As the third largest integrated energy company in the US and the fifth largest refiner in the world, ConocoPhillips required a system for its platforms within the Ekofisk Complex, on the Norwegian Continental Shelf that would be unfailing during any possible emergency situation. Due to the complex nature of ConocoPhillips offshore work environments, finding a system that protected valuable lives while at same time meeting the exceptionally stringent certification criteria necessary proved challenging. It was further essential that employees were assured that their privacy was not compromised or in conflict with the Privacy Act.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS was able to offer a solution, ideal for tracking personnel in environments where access to real-time employee information during an emergency situation is vital. Designed specifically for remote and isolated locations, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS technology plays an instrumental role in employee safety, with most unions embracing the significantly enhanced safety efforts.

The ConocoPhillips installation features the IDENTEC SOLUTIONS WatcherSERIES technology - a rigorously tested and complete system with the appropriate ATEX Certification. Due to the possible volatile environmental nature of mining and offshore environments, obtaining certification required a meticulous and intensive testing process prior to releasing the technology.

How it works: All employees are provided with an active RFID tag which they carry similarly to an ID tag. A map of the facility and a real-time headcount is available for reference in the event of an emergency. As a result, ConocoPhillips now has a real-time headcount of all their employees, efficient and safe entry and exit at all points, and significant time reduction when accounting for employees.

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