NEW YORK, February 1 /PRNewswire/ -- -- LegalTech Conference -- Integreon, the global leader in integrated discovery solutions and legal process outsourcing (LPO), today announced the release of its eView(TM) 3.2 platform for hosted document review. This release offers law firms and corporate legal departments an expanded range of workflow management and productivity reporting to speed the document review process and improve budget visibility and predictability.

We listen to our clients' feedback about challenges they face in managing complex reviews. They consistently cite the need for workflow management and review monitoring tools to give them better insight and control. Our new eView release meets these requirements and strengthens the market-leading position of our hosted document review platform, said Debra Rozier, senior vice president of global product management, Integreon.

eView 3.2 provides the following new features and benefits: - Increased Flexibility for Managing Reviewer Assignments: eView 3.2 now offers more granular control over reviewer assignments. Administrators can set-up a review workflow that follows customizable, automated rules from end-to-end or one that allows for manual interventions during the review process. - Faster Document Review with Concept Clustering: Administrators can now assign entire conceptual clusters, or topical groupings of documents, to specific reviewers or review teams. Within each cluster, the system presents reviewers with their assigned documents ranked according to their topic relevancy, which accelerates the review process. - Better Productivity Tracking and Forecasting: The latest release of eView provides more in-depth productivity, billable hour tracking, and forecasting reports. The forecasts allow for modeling of completion time based on changes in the size of the review team. - Added Foreign Language Support: eView now supports Unicode, which enables working with documents in most languages, including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Punjabi, Russian, and hundreds of other written-form languages.

Increases in cross-border litigation and growing multi-lingual requirements have made e-discovery, and its UK equivalent e-disclosure, ever more complex and challenging to manage for law firms and corporate legal departments, said George J. Socha, principal analyst with Socha Consulting. Document review applications which include integrated foreign language support can help to alleviate such challenges by streamlining the discovery process for handling documents, such as emails, which may contain text in one or more non-English languages.

Integreon customers can choose eView as a hosted review platform or as part of Integreon's integrated suite of discovery solutions, which includes managed review. Our managed service offers document reviewers who are fluent in most European, Slavic, Asian, and certain African languages. Our reviewers can work on-site at client offices or at any of Integreon's secure review centers worldwide, following ISO 9001-certified best practices and delivering high-quality, repeatable review results.

Demonstration of eView at LegalTech New York

Integreon is exhibiting in booth 324 at LegalTech New York, being held February 1-3, 2010 at the Hilton New York hotel. Integreon is showcasing its entire integrated suite of discovery services, including demonstrations of its eView platform for hosted document review.

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Integreon is the global e-discovery and legal process outsourcing (LPO) partner trusted by the world's leading corporations and law firms. It is the only legal services provider in the world to receive top marks in both the Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey and the Black Book of Outsourcing LPO Survey. To most efficiently, accurately and defensibly identify responsive data from even the largest data sets, the company provides an integrated approach to all stages of the discovery process, across scalable operations and technology: unified project management, consulting, forensics, data analytics, processing, hosting, and review services. Experienced document reviewers, working on-site at client offices or at any of Integreon's secure review centers worldwide, following ISO 9001-certified best practices, deliver high-quality, repeatable review results. For more information about Integreon, please visit

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