BERGISCH GLADBACH, Germany, October 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- An internationally leading research institution in the microelectronics, information and health technology industries is relying on surface metrology from Germany. CEA-LETI will be working with a fully automatic wafer inspection system, the FRT MFE (Metrology For Frontend). With this tool, FRT has developed a universal solution for the most diverse measuring tasks in wafer manufacturing. Furthermore, the system is used for the pioneering 3D IC connection technology.

CEA-LETI is part of the influential French research institute Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA) located in Grenoble in the French Alps. An MFE system will be installed for the high resolution characterisation of raw, structured and bonded wafers according to SEMI standards. For 3D IC / TSV (Through Silicon Via) measurements, the tool incorporates a new technology for measuring particularly small TSV's with a very high aspect ratio ( 5 microm in diameter and up to 180 microm deep). The FRT MFE system is based on the proven MicroProf multisensor technology, which can combine diverse measuring tasks into a single system. Using the newly acquired system, CEA-LETI will determine parameters such as TTV (Total Thickness Variation), planarity, bow, warp, roughness, 3D topography, film thickness as well as the ground breaking TSV measurement capability.

FRT MicroProf: Modular multisensor metrology with a secure future

FRT multisensor metrology will be presented at SEMICON Europa between October 19th and 21st (booth: 1.649). It is optimally prepared for the various measuring tasks within wafer metrology. Due to modularity construction and integration methods, FRT systems can be optimally equipped for future upgrades. Through the combination of several measuring procedures in a single universal tool, foot print requirements in the production fab can be reduced to a minimum. The tools achieve a very high degree of automation and optional wafer handling. MicroProf measuring systems are used by leading international manufacturers and research institutes in microelectronics and microsystems engineering as well as the photovoltaic, medical engineering, automotive and machine building industries.

FRT live

FRT can be found at the following trade fairs:

- testXpo, specialist trade fair for test engineering, Ulm (11th - 14th October 2010) - SEMICON Europe 2010, Dresden (19th - 21st October 2010), booth 1.649

Fries Research Technology GmbH - the art of metrology

Fries Research Technology GmbH (FRT) supplies 3D surface metrology for research and production. With micro- and nanometer resolution, the non-contact and non-destructive measuring systems which have received many awards, measure topography, structure, step height, roughness, wear, thickness variation, film thickness and many other parameters. More than 300 units are in use worldwide in companies from the automotive, semiconductor, optical, solar/photovoltaic and other sectors. FRT maintains subsidiaries in the USA, China and Switzerland as well as a sales and service network in Asia and Europe.

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