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- Finjan's Vital Security(TM) Product Suite, Using Active Real-Time Content Inspection Technology, Prevents Malicious Content From Entering Lotto's Corporate Networks to Steal Valuable Data

Lotto Sport Italia, a leading Italian sportswear company, has deployed Finjan's award-winning Secure Web Gateway to secure its infrastructure and data at its headquarters in Tevignano, Italy, soon to be followed at its four other branches. As well as protecting its corporate network and data, Lotto Sport Italia is also minimizing loss of productivity due to Crimeware attacks.

Lotto Sport Italia needed to secure all its locations from malicious Web threats entering its networks and to reduce the downtime of its networks caused by Crimeware threats - more specifically spyware attacks and Crimeware that exploit application's vulnerabilities to steal valuable business data.

The security solutions (network firewalls and anti-virus technology) that Lotto Sport Italia was using before didn't meet its standards. The need to deploy updates individually at each of its five locations was especially cumbersome.

Lotto Sport Italia decided to chose Finjan's "all in one" Secure Web Gateway solution, based on the award-winning Vital Security(TM) Web Appliance NG-5000. The solution was implemented by Yarix Information Security, Finjan's Gold Partner in Italy.

Lotto Sport Italia opted to install two redundant NG-5000 appliances at its headquarters in Trevignano (Treviso, Italy) to protect its corporate network.

Four additional NG-5000 Vital Security Web Appliances will be rolled out at four locations in Jakarta (Indonesia), Hong Kong (China), Nanjing (China) and Dongguan (China). Installed in the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) behind the corporate firewall, Finjan's NG-5000 appliances provide a centrally-managed solution for all Lotto Sport Italia's network users in the various locations. It enables flexible creation of granular security policies for specific groups of users. By integrating several security engines in one, single appliance, Finjan's comprehensive and integrated web security solutions enable quick deployment, simplified management and reduction of costs.

"At Lotto Sport, we were looking for a new infrastructure with a single-point management to block Crimeware and to diminish loss of productivity," stated Claudio Pieri, Vice President Information Systems at Lotto Sport Italia. "After Finjan's comprehensive evaluation, we realized that our current network firewall and Anti-Virus solutions had serious limitations when it came to detecting unknown Crimeware attacks originating from the Web. Since deployment of Finjan's secure web gateway solution, maintenance of our security solution has become much easier and requires less resources. Finjan's active real-time web security protects our networks from stealthy Trojans and Crimeware."

Finjan's active real-time content inspection technology is uniquely capable of analyzing Web content in real-time regardless of its source, breaking down the code and understanding its true intent without executing it on the end user's machine. Finjan delivers one of the highest rates of malicious code detection and prevention, allowing enterprises to safeguard their most valuable asset - their data.

About Finjan

Finjan is a global provider of web security solutions for the enterprise market. Its real-time, appliance-based Web security solutions deliver an effective shield against Web-borne threats, freeing enterprises to harness the Web for maximum commercial results. Finjan's real-time Web security solutions utilise patented behavior-based technology to repel all types of threats arriving via the Web, such as spyware, phishing, Trojans and obfuscated malicious code, securing businesses against unknown and emerging threats, as well as known malware. Finjan's security solutions have received industry awards and recognition from leading analyst houses and publications, including Gartner, IDC, Butler Group, SC Magazine, CRN, ITPro, PCPro, ITWeek, Network Computing, and Information Security. With Finjan's award-winning and widely used solutions, businesses can focus on implementing web strategies to realise their full organisational and commercial potential. For more information about Finjan, please visit:

About Lotto Sport Italia

Lotto Sport Italia S.p.A. is a leading Italian sportswear company Lotto was founded in 1973 and started its production with tennis shoes, followed by models for basketball, volleyball, athletics and football (soccer). Sports clothing took the stage afterwards. After building its brand in Italy, Lotto expanded into the export markets, rapidly establishing itself as a leading international brand.

Its products are currently distributed in more than 80 countries. Lotto Sport Italia is a dynamic company, known for its innovative and high-quality products blended with Italian design and its real passion for sports, combined with an excellent and effective customer service. For more information about Lotto Sport Italia, please visit:

For more information about please contact: Neil Stinchcombe, Eskenzi PR - on +44(0)20-7183-2833 or email

For more information about please contact: Neil Stinchcombe, Eskenzi PR - on +44(0)20-7183-2833 or email