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Nido Petroleum Ltd (Nido) is pleased to announce that the Galoc 3 horizontal production well flowed oil to the surface unassisted at a maximum rate of 5,397 barrels per day during clean up flow testing on 20 and 21 February 2008.

The purpose of the Galoc 3 clean up and oil flow to surface was to confirm the integrity of the well and installed completion equipment as well as to ascertain the well's ability to flow.

Pressure, temperature and flow rate data were recorded on surface and on subsurface gauges located down-hole, close to the reservoir. Oil samples were also collected and will be sent to a specialist laboratory for assay and PVT analysis.

This data will provide confirmation of: initial reservoir conditions, initial fluid properties, reservoir formation properties and the potential productivity of the well to the FPSO.

Nido's preliminary analysis of the data overnight confirms the expected maximum flow capacity of the well is consistent with its range of predevelopment estimates. This will be confirmed by a full and detailed testing program to be conducted once the well has been brought into production service through the FPSO.

During normal production operations, production from Galoc 3 to the FPSO will likely be controlled at rates below its maximum capacity to manage the reservoir effectively to maximise total recovered oil volumes throughout the life of the field. In addition, the FPSO processing capacity of the combined flow of both wells is limited to a maximum of 25,000 bopd.

Nido's Deputy Managing Director, Ms Joanne Williams, said "We are excited to reach this important stage in the Galoc development project. The Galoc-3 well has flowed as designed and is now ready for production service. Nido congratulates the Operator, the Galoc Production Company, on successfully flowing Galoc oil to surface for the first time since 1988, 20 years ago. We eagerly await the results from Galoc 4 in the coming week."

Preparations will now commence for the installation of the Galoc 4 sub-sea tree followed by similar testing of that well. The drill ship 'Energy Searcher' will then be demobilised to Singapore prior to its release. The installation of the mooring and riser system and hook-up to the FPSO will follow over the coming weeks.

"The successful testing of Galoc 3 marks a major milestone for Nido and most importantly for the country of The Philippines," says Chairman of the Board, David Whitby.

Nido is preparing for commercial production from Galoc in April 2008.

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