BRUSSELS, February 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Q3 trading updates

(For the nine month period from 1 April 2008 to 31 December 2008)

Highlights - Continued revenue growth in Q3 (+2,1%) - Integration of acquisition continues in line with expectations, with synergies and benefits of a cost optimization program expected to come through in the next fiscal year - Convertible Bond buy backs in October and December improve net debt position by EUR10,6m and result in exceptional financial profit of EUR9,8m - Strong cash balance at the quarter end - Share consolidation approved: 100 existing shares into one bundled share

Bruno Segers, Chief Executive Officer of RealDolmen, commented:

It was pleasing to see continued progress in the third quarter despite a tougher economic environment. We saw revenue growth in each of the three divisions, and we won new customers. The integration continues to progress well, with benefits still expected to come through in the next financial year, and beyond. Cash balances remain robust and we have taken steps to improve our debt position.

As expected, our customer base has started to feel the effects of the economic downturn in H2 and so we expect the lower level of growth seen in Q2 and Q3 to continue into a weaker Q4 compared to last year. However, we are still confident that our strong market position, good spread of customers across a number of sectors and strengthened product offering will enable us to generate a small level of growth in revenue generation and maintain REBIT margins for our fiscal year ending in March 2009.

About RealDolmen

RealDolmen is an independent single source ICT solutions provider and knowledge company with over 1900 highly skilled IT professionals and more than 1000 customers in the Benelux and France. The company offers innovative, effective and reliable ICT solutions and professional services designed to help its clients achieve their objectives by optimizing their business processes

Enquiries: Bruno Segers CEO +32-3-290-23-13 Thierry de Vries Secretary general +3-3-362-55-55 Financial Dynamics Juliet Clarke / Haya Chelhot / Emma Appleton +44-20-7831-3113

Enquiries: Bruno Segers, CEO, +32-3-290-23-13; Thierry de Vries, Secretary general, +3-3-362-55-55,; Financial Dynamics, Juliet Clarke / Haya Chelhot / Emma Appleton, +44-20-7831-3113